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Motorized Bicycle 2 Stroke MotoCross Exhaust Muffler

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2 Stroke MotoCross Exhaust Muffler

What's better than performance? Performance and flexability, and with the MotoCross Exhaust muffler you get just that. The exhaust chamber's design allows air to circulate smoothly out of the engine to give you a smooth ride, while the silencer tip limits the sound coming from your motor. Its flexable pipe is perfect for racers and performance riders looking for a universal fit for an aftermarket muffler. With this Flex Fit Poo Poo Exhaust muffler you won't have to sacrifice horsepower for fitting- just bolt on, flex, secure, and take off. Muffler Specs: Stud Mounting Size: 30 mm, Pipe Length: 44" (26" of Flex Pipe)