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Motorized Bicycle Sprocket Clamp Assembly 2 Stroke 4 StrokeReplacement – Gas Bike Sprocket Mounting Kit

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  • The Sprocket Clamp Assembly will mount the drive sprocket of any 2-stroke or 4-stroke 48cc or 66/80cc bike engine kit to the wheel of a bicycle, turning your wheel in to a motorized bike wheel
  • Installation may require extra tools: Take one of the rubber gaskets and slit one side. Open it the gasket and mount it around the hub of your wheel (inside of the wheel). Mount the second gasket on to the outside of the wheel, and your sprocket on top of the gasket. Place your screws through the sprocket and the gaskets, and mount the metal plates on to the screws on top of the rubber gasket around your hub. Screw the nuts for the assembly down evenly, and you're ready to ride
  • Note: Be sure to evenly fasten the sprocket clamp assembly bolts. Uneven sprockets can cause damage to your chain, engine, and bike frame