4 Stroke Bicycle Engine Parts

It is rare that you need 4 stroke bicycle engine parts but we got you covered if you do. The Four Stroke motors are a great overall bargain. The nature of the 4 stroke engine is more precise and cools nicely. Don’t you love not mixing oil and gas anymore? We at Helio are big fans of these engines! Enough about the 4 strokes. Aren’t you here to shop for parts? Use the schematic and find exactly what you need.  Need Some inspiration? Here is a Fast Motor Teardown Video. (This is not us by the way!)

4 stroke bicycle engine parts

1) Cleaner Outside Cover13) Guide Cover25) Crank Case
2) Filter Net14) Gear Wheel26) 3x5x13 Key
3) M5x75 Stud (set of 2)15) Pin27) Spring
4) Cleaner Inside Cover16) Washer 528-1) Piston
5) Gasket17) Pole28-2) Piston Ring #1
6) Carburetor18) Oil-Seal (set of 2)28-3) Piston Ring #2
7) Gasket19) Cylinder28-4) Oil-Ring
8) Admitting Pipe20) 6×12 Pin (set of 2)29) Ring (set of 2)
9) Gasket21) 6203/P5 Bearing (set of 2)30) Piston Pin
10) Spring22) M3x5 Stud31) Link Lever
11) Pole23) Sea saw32) Link Lever Cover
12) M5x12 Stud (set of 7)24) Reed Valve33) Shift Fork

34) M5x25 Bolt (set of 2)46) Magneto Rotor Comp58) Double-End Bolt (set of 2)
35) Ignition Stator47) Screw 159) M5x35 Stud
36) M5x20 Stud48) Start Reel60) Muffler
37) Screw249) M10x1.25 Nut61) Muffle Baffle
38) Case50) Magneto Cover62) Rocker (set of 2)
39) Oil-Seal (set of 2)51) Start63) Rocker-Shaft
40) M5x25 Stud52) M5 Nut (set of 3)64) Exhaust Valve
41) Screw Gasket53) Stop Button65) Incoming Valve
42) Screw54) Fixing Board66) Valve Spring (set of 2)
43) Seal55) M5x35 Stud (set of 3)67) Valve Spring Seat (set of 2)
44) Oil-Scale56) Muffler Cover68) Spark plug
45) Throttle Lever Assembly57) M5 Nut (set of 3)69) Gasket

70) Cover82) Gear Washer (set of 2)94) Timing Pole
71) Fuel Tank Support83) Gear Pin95) Lock Bolt
72) Fuel Tank Gasket84) Gasket 4 
73) Fuel Tank Lid85) Timing Gear 
74) Gasket86) Valve Pole (set of 2) 
75) Cleaner87) Valve Pillar (set of 2) 
76) Plastic Fuel Tank88) Cam Wheel 
77) Fuel Tank Bushing (set of 2)89) Long Pin (set of 2) 
78) Fuel Tank Sleeve (set of 2)90) Sleeve 
79) M6x20 Stud (set of 2)91) Pin (set of 2) 
80) Vitta92) Side Cover 
81) Sleeve93) M6 Nut