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Interested in Motorized Bikes? Helio Motorized Bikes was started by a college student in 2009.He was looking for cheap transportation and something to set him apart from all the normal gas bikes/motorcycles / mopeds out there. After careful consideration he started importing 2 cycle kits from China. He noticed that everyone admired his motorized bicycle creation as he traveled up and down a steep hill to the college campus. During the early phases of building bikes, he would have never thought that Helio would form into what it is now. Since 2009 the business has built hundreds of custom motorized bicycles ( and growing), has expanded greatly in the Motorbike market and is now the premiere 4 stroke motorized bike builder in the USA. Helio has also started to use the HondaGXH50 (49cc Four stroke) motor as a power plant. This special motor greatly increases dependability and power. There are tons of bicycle motor kits out there for the to Do-it-yourself home mechanic but not a lot of specialty bike builders. What is the difference? We take the time to engineer special parts that replace inferior parts that you get from China. Replacing the inferior Chinese units with quality Laser cut/CNC parts extends range and dependability. We at Helio are concerned with quality and are interested in building you a cool reliable motorized bike. We are constantly creating and thinking of ways to improve our product. As a business, we have decided to diminish the number of 2 stroke models in our production line. Why you ask ?

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