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Firmstrong Chief 3 Speed - Men's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike

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The Chief is the ideal cruiser bike for tall men, with it’s extended length frame and forward pedaling. Although the chief has short frame at only 19”, the added length and the 4” forward pedaling design makes this an ideal ride for men 5’8” – 6’4”. However, it is also an exceptionally comfortable cruiser for riders who don’t fall in that height range because of the forward pedaling setup.

The frame design of the Chief is masculine and sleek at the same time, with a touch of the classic elements mixed with newer designed elements. The curve of the top is high arches high making the bike appear big and manly. The length in the frame is the most noticeable element, while it is still a standard riding position, it differs slightly because of how pedals are shifted 4” in front of the riders hips. Generally, the pedals sit directly below the riders hips, requiring the rider to push directly downward to pedal. In the case of the Chief 3 Speed, the pedals are moved forward, so the rider will push slightly down and slightly forward on the pedals to get the bike moving. This does a few things, firstly it creates added leg room for riders with longer legs because without having to raise their seat they will get 4” additional inches of leg extension. Secondly, it creates a more laid back riding position, the rider can still have a straight back but they have their feet kicked forward a little making the position a little more relaxed taking some of pressure off the hips of the rider. Also, because the pedals are moved forward ridings can keep the seat lower, thus stay lower to the ground while still getting good leg extension, this provides some riders a great sense of stability. While different than a standard cruiser frame, the Chief is a very comfortable bike especially suitable for taller men.

This is a big, long cruiser great for the guy’s who want something to look comfortable on but also look awesome cruising around on.

19" Frame; 26" Wheels
Stretched Cruiser Design; Forward Pedaling, Steel
KMC Z-410
Shimano Nexus 3 speed
Front Hub:
Synthetic Leather Black
Classic Cruiser Steel; Chrome Plated
Included; Steel
Rubber Block w/ Metal Frame
Rear Brake:
Shimano Coaster Brake
Rear Hub:
Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Coaster, 36H
Alloy 26" x 2.125 x 36H
Classic Padded Dual Spring Saddle
Seat Post:
Steel 25.4mm x 350mm
Kenda Slick White Wall 26" x 2.125
Bottom Bracket:
One piece 24 tpi
Forged One Piece, 40T
Stainless steel spokes, Stretched Frame, Forward Pedaling, Shimano Nexus 3 speed
Recommended Rider Height:
Fits Most Men 5’4” – 6’4” Tall
Maximum Rider Weight:
300 Pounds