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Firmstrong Urban Lady 3 Speed - Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike

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  • Firmstrong Urban Lady 3 Speed - Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike

    The Firmstrong Urban Lady Three Speed cruiser bike is a fantastic recreational women’s bike with gears. True to the classic cruiser design, the frame is simple and clean giving it definite aesthetic appeal.

    With the added gears the Urban Lady 3 Speed has added capability versus a traditional single speed cruiser bike. The three speed internal gear system it features is made by Shimano and is one of the easiest gear systems to use and operate. All of the shifting takes place inside the rear wheel, which means no longer does the chain have to move for the bike to change gears. This means less maintenance and less possibility of future problems. The gears ride smooth, shifts easily and seamless. Gear changes happen without even interrupting the riders pedal stroke. While only three gears, each gear provides exactly what recreational riders need. Gear one will be great for pedaling faster with very little resistance, ideal for going up hills. Gear two will provide some resistance and will be great for cruising at a moderate, sustainable pace of approximately five to fifteen miles per house. Gear three is going to give the highest resistance making pedaling a bit more difficult but will allow the rider to hit higher speeds (15 – 25mph) on downhill and flat straightaway rides. For the recreational rider the three gears provide just enough variance in speeds to cover the three basics of all rides, uphill riding, cruising and flat riding, and downhill, high speed, and flat straight away riding.

    There is only one cable for the gear system so the design is not cluttered or overwhelming. The ride is smooth and effortless, the wide tires and spring saddle make the ride soft and comfortable. The brake system is a coaster brake, which means the rider pedals backwards to stop, just like the original beach cruisers.

  • 15” Steel Frame with 26” Aluminum Wheels
  • 3 Speed Womens Bike with Shimano Internal Gear System, shifts quickly, easily, and requires little maintenance
  • Dual Spring Oversized Seat for Added Comfort
  • 2.125” Wide White-Wall Tires provides a cushioned, relaxed ride for easy rolling
  • 28.5” Wide Cruiser Bike Handlebars with Hi-Density Foam Grips
  • Bicycle Weighs 35lbs. Fully Assembled
  • Fits Most Women 5’ – 6’ Tall
  • Recommended Riding Speed 3 – 15mph
  • Recommended Riding Distance 0 – 20 miles in a single trip
  • The Seat and Handlebar Height and Tilt can be adjusted to properly fit the rider
  • Color Matched Fenders can be Purchased Separately for $49.99.
  • Bike comes 80% Assembled, Assembly is easy and fun!
  • Designed in Hermosa Beach, CA