Motorized Bicycle Perfection

Motorized Bicycle Perfection

What would Motorized Bike Perfection look like? We have been busy in the shop trying to accumulate all the knowledge we have soaked in throughout the years and put it to use. It makes sense that we would build something that stands tall above the rest to show what Helio bikes can do so we decided to go for it. Motorized bike perfection would have to be dependable, lightweight, powerful and comfortable. We are happy to introduce the Helio Supernatural. This bike is great and has a different futuristic look to it. Here are some specs and comments.

-Built in Gas tank Aluminum Frame – lightweight, no vibration noise or loosening of gas tank.

-Aluminum Mag Wheels – Sealed bearings roll forever, strong, 7 speed or single speed and look differently awesome

-Front Suspension and Hydraulic Disc brake. Increases comfort and will stop quickly. Most motorized bikes aren’t built for stopping. This makes no sense as danger increases as speed does. Do you want to have a coaster brake when going 35mph? This bike will stop!

-Honda Gxh50/EZM Pacesetter gearbox combo. This is such a great powertrain setup. The Honda motor is better in every way. Power, reliability etc. The EZM gearbox has a Clutch that is 4x the size of its chinese counterparts. This gearbox is built in the USA and is simple, effective and long-lasting.

-Custom CNC rear sprocket- No steel Chinese sprockets here! The Supernatural Honda includes a precision cut cnc aluminum 62T sprocket that keeps chain tension consistent and alignment correct.

-Billet Throttle- This Throttle is built of CNC aluminum and  has a bearing that insures precision throttle and will not break or twist through.

-Upgraded Ball Fuel Valve and filter that will insure that the motor will get fuel at all times. The stock Chinese valves are problematic and restrict fuel to the carburetor. We found this problem and have since started using new Helio Ball Valves.

There are too many details to list them all but you can purchase this Motorized Bike here


Stay safe and keep riding


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