4 Stroke Motorized Bikes

First off, You are doing yourself a favor by purchasing a Helio 4 stroke motorized bicycle. That was not meant to be a conceited statement, but it is the truth. Why you ask? Helio has spent countless hours installing, changing and reinstalling different parts of these bikes. Therefore we have made all the mistakes for you! Every part from frames, fuel valves, tires, rims, motors, rear drive sprockets and brakes have been tested to be right for a good working motorbike. You can go buy a kit and slap it on a bike but be ready for a huge learning curve and plan on budgeting replacement part money. We don’t want you to go through that!! The beauty of motorized bikes is the freedom of the open road in front of you. They are no fun to work on, especially if you aren’t mechanically inclined. Call us to discuss your goals! Helio wants to get you rolling! Happy Shopping!

Why 4 stroke instead of 2 stroke? Read our article here.

You can see videos of our 4 stroke motorized bicycle on youtube.com