NOTE: Check out the videos on the site. These are very informative and can answer a lot of your questions on operation, speed, sound and features.
1. How fast do these bikes go and MPG?
A: Both 2 and 4 stroke bikes go 30-40mph depending on conditions and weight of rider. MPG 2 stroke 120 miles per gallon (½ gallon tank on bike), 4 stroke 160 miles per gallon (¾ gallon tank on bike)
2. Are these bikes Street Legal?
A: Yes these are legal in most states as long as you stay in the bike lane and wear a helmet. The bikes retain the pedal function and are considered a power-assisted bike. YOU MUST have lights if you are riding at night. You can turn of the motor at any time and ride it like a bike, coast with motor or pedal with the motor. Please see Terms and Conditions for our Disclaimer on the law.
3. How loud are they?
A: The 4 stroke is much quieter than the 2 stroke. The 2 stroke is comparable to a puche moped and the 4 stroke to a Honda scooter. Check out the videos on the site to judge if its right for you
4. What is the difference between the 2 and 4 stroke?
A: 1st off the 2 stroke requires the user to mix gas and oil. The 4 stroke doesn’t, however it does require oil changes every 1000 miles. The 2 stroke is for the enthusiast that likes to tinker and make things go fast. The 2 stroke can be modified for way more power than the 4 stroke. The 4 stroke is a twist and go bike. Ideal for the everyday commuter. 4 strokes have no power improvement parts.
5. What is your warranty?
A: On bikes there is a 30 day parts warranty (does not include labor of any kind). 2 stroke motors are 90 day warranty, 4 stroke motors are 6 month warranty on non wear parts. Parts apart from the bikes have a 30 day warranty. We will replace defective parts at our discretion and may require you to take pictures or ship us the defective part.
6. Are there refunds?
See Shipping and Returns page.
7. Can I visit your shop?
A:Our shop is not open to the public, however, we can schedule an appointment to show you in stock bikes. Local pick up is available. If you are interested in picking up a bike, let us know! Some high profile bikes are not always finished and ready for local pick up so just ask!
8. Do you have any Local locations?
A: We are growing like crazy so we have a few with multiple on the way. You can always have the bikes/parts built and shipped from the main Headquarters in California. Check out the Dealer/Installer Locator on the new website!
9. Can I become a dealer?
A: To be a dealer, you must have a shop to assemble these bikes? If you do, call or email the main headquarters and speak to us about becoming a dealer. After all the paperwork is submitted then we can release dealer pricing.
We also offer multiple bike discounts to customers that want to group buy for family, friends and colleagues.
10. If I order now how long will it take to get to me?
A: For bikes that aren’t already assembled it will take on average 5 business days to build and test the product before shipment.
11. Do you ship Internationally?
A: Yes we do as long as the buyer pays the appropriate shipping rate. Email us to request a shipping estimate.
12. How much assembly is required from the box?
A: The assembly of the 2 stroke is about 45 minutes and the 4 stroke 1.5 hours. The 4 stroke will ship with the motor separate from the bike. The mounts and chain have been tested and cut to length as well as marked for easy re-installation.
13. What tools will I need?
A: loctite thread locker, metric wrenches and sockets, allen wrenches, needle nose pliers.