2 Stroke Motorized Bikes


So you think you are ready for a 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle? We are going to be totally honest with you. Through trial and error and making hundreds of these 2 stroke beach cruiser we have come up with a few tips for new customers. Lets start by saying that 2 stroke motors are great and make great power with little modifications. That being said, there is a price to pay for such power and low cost. The nature of the 2 stroke motor is violent and loud. Often times the motors will rattle fasteners loose and sound like an angry bumble bee in a tin can. The 2 strokes is for the home mechanic/enthusiast that doesn’t mind wrenching on projects. You can get these bikes to go very fast ( scary fast ) but it is time consuming. As far as dependability goes, the 4 stroke will win every time. Look inside yourself and ask whether you are mechanically inclined enough to have a 2 stroke. It is not like Helio to encourage you not to buy something but we want to be brutally honest. We want you happy!

The 2 strokes aren’t all bad though. We would compare them to an old hot rod versus the Honda Civic (4 stroke). The hot rod will outperform the civic all day long but if you wanted to take a road trip cross country you would pick the civic for its reliability.

Here is a video of a basic 2 stroke cruiser running so you can hear it. Most people are concerned with noise level. Note: this video is old when HELIO first started!