What is a Gas Bike?

We have taken our gas bikes everywhere and I have noticed that there are a few questions that everyone seems to ask.

1. What is this Gas bike and is it legal? I smile and answer, yes its legal and we use epa approved low pollution 4 stroke motors on all of our bikes. When I tell them that they average 150 MPG, they are amazed! You see the 4 stroke motor is more balanced and tuned than the noisy 2 stroke. You don’t have to mix gas and worry about the motor losing power because of heat. We want our gas bikes to outshine the rest and not just be fun, but also a tool for the commuter. We use the optional Honda motor as an added bonus to reliability/dependability. The Gas bike owner should be confident that they are going to get where they need to go consistently.

2. How much are Helio Bikes? We try to have dependable models at a lower price range for people that cant afford our custom bikes. To answer the question, we have used gas bikes sometimes that start at $900 and custom models that can reach all the way up to $3000. Our median Superbike is around $1500. When you see the cost of gas/petrol and do the math, a gas bike is a solution. Not only are they just eco friendly awesome but they can save you money! Get your Gas Bike today!