Some of our Motorized Bikes

Meet the new HELIO Series 43.v2. This bike incorporates our front shock system, hydraulic front disk brake, Honda/EZM engine combo and an aluminum built-tank frame. Click Here for more info


Meet the new Helio Supernatural. Basically a Superbike but with standard options such as front hydraulic disk brake, Honda/ EZM powerplant and custom made aluminum top tank! CLICK HERE for more info.


Introducing the new version of our STEALTH build. We call the Darkside. This bike has options including low bars, Honda/ezm powerplat, front springer fork with custom welded caliper mount and front disk brake. For more Info CLICK HERE.


Superbike 4g starting at $1249.99. DISCONTINUED for more info


Above is one of our flagship motorized bikes,the Basic EZM 4 stroke cruiser. Gearbox made in the USA! Click here for more details!