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USED Red Series 43 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle

USED Red Series 43 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle

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USED Series 43 80/66cc  2 stroke Motorized Bicycle. Travel around town on this classic piece of machinery. This Basic 2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle sports a enhanced performance based 2 stroke motor that we handpicked amongst all the others.This bike can propel you to speeds up to 40mph while consuming 140+ MPG. If you do the math, an average car gets 20 mpg and at $4 a gallon a 20 mile commute to work costs you $8. Purchasing a Helio Bike is not only fun but can save you money! That same commute only costs you $1.30 and in 7 months you have already paid off your bike! Helio has built hundreds of bikes and has taken the time to upgrade parts and use special techniques for installation of a well made product. The special sprocket adapters and vibration dampeners are only available for assembled bikes ( not kits ) so we encourage our customers to let us do the install properly. This Series 43  2 Stroke Motorized Bicycle will be shipped assembled in one box. The customer must mount the front wheel, handlebar, seat, and pedals.

**This USED bike runs well and has a custom Aluminum frame, front triple tree fork, cool Haro BMX bars, rear V-Brake and rear coaster brake, NEW 80cc Motor, 36t CNC rear Sprocket,  expansion chamber exhaust, Speed Carb, and much more!****

**Certain mounts, fasteners and parts are swapped for more dependable(and better fitting) units. Thus making a Helio Bike better than just a kit on a beach cruiser!!

Our 2 Stroke Motor have:

-Sealed Japanese Crank Bearings

-Ported Pistons and Head Ports

-Tuned Speed Carb

-Upgraded Engine and Mounting Fasteners

-Full Flow Fuel Valves and upgraded Filter

– Non Fading Muffler Finishes.

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